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Pacif-i™ features on CSI:Cyber

Blue Maestro’s very own Pacif-i™, the world’s first Bluetooth Smart pacifier, starred in Season 2 Episode 2 of CSI: Cyber “Heart Me” that aired in the U.S. on CBS on 11 October 2015. It featured in scenes with Ted Danson who plays D.B. Russell and Patricia Arquett who plays Avery Ryan. Ted Danson even takes his temperature with Pacif-i™, a nice touch.

Ted Danson downloads the Pacif-i app

People have asked us how we achieved such a high profile product placement. I would love to say that we employ some of the world’s most talented marketing geniuses who contacted their high powered network executive friends at CBS and pulled some strings, but that’s not true (the bit about high powered friends at CBS that is). The truth is CBS approached us.

Through this process we got some insights into the production for a hit show like CSI: Cyber. It was back in July when we got an email from an assistant-producer asking whether we would be interested in having Pacif-i™ feature in CSI: Cyber. Initially we treated it as another paid product placement as we get a lot of approaches for this, so we didn’t respond straight away. Well they followed up and it became clear that not only was it completely free, they actually wanted to buy a bunch of pacifiers from us – nice.

Ted Danson who plays DB Russell in CSI: Cyber with Pacif-i, the Bluetooth Smart pacifier

What followed highlights the work involved behind the scenes.

After a discussion on what Pacif-i™ did and its capabilities, their legal team sent us a contract that provided us a veto over the script as it relates to Pacif-i™ and in exchange CBS had the rights to, and exclusive rights of exploitation of, the footage. We did try and negotiate the ability to use the scenes in which Pacif-i™ appears for our own marketing, but unsurprisingly they refused. But we did try!

The biggest problem for us was that we didn’t have samples at that particular time. Most of our samples are used for testing and certifications around the world since Pacif-i™ is a highly regulated product. But we scrambled together several devices and sent them over.

We gave them a special pre-release version of the Pacif-i™ app which their own design team tweaked to make it more “camera friendly”.

The CSI: Cyber team took care to fully understand the device and how to portray it accurately. This is a feature of CSI: Cyber where the technology they showcase is not purely fiction.

We got to review the script and it was interesting that in the weeks leading up to the shooting we got asked to approve even small amendments to it. This was a pretty slick process by the CSI: Cyber team and keeping track of who needs to review and approve what parts of a script must be a major exercise they are well versed in.

On October 11 it aired. In it Pacif-i™ is referred to as being “English” a typical American way of referring to the UK.

Ted Danson sucks...on Pacif-i, to take his temperature

Since it was aired we have had a constant stream of enquiries so it was great publicity and entirely free. And CBS, if you want to feature any of our other products, you now have our numbers !