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What we love (and don't love) about CES

Oh, the memories

CES 2016 has concluded and it left us with fond memories of CES 2015 when we first showed Pacif-i, the world's first Bluetooth Smart connected pacifier.  We decided not to attend this year's CES and, somewhat surprisingly, we have regretted this far (far) less than I thought we would.  Watching some live streams of the event brought the memories of CES 2015 flooding back, both the good and the bad.  We even saw featured in TechCrunch our neighbour in the stall beside us in 2015 talking about their automatic coffee machine, so they had gone back with, from the looks of things, the same device.

The good about CES

What we love about CES? Definitely the press coverage.  When we debuted Pacif-i we were featured on television news channels from Argentina to New Zealand.  We had people calling us up in London telling us we had appeared in major newspapers.  It was pretty overwhelming at the time and I don't think we will ever forget that.  In terms of press coverage - nothing beats CES.

We also liked a lot, but to a significantly lesser extent, the number of contacts we made and the number of business cards we collected.  We met two of our key suppliers at CES 2015, and they have worked out superb.  But the biggest problem, and it's not just a CES issue as it is true of all big trade shows that span several days, is that everyone becomes a blur.  Within about a week afterwards it became difficult to go through the hundred or so business cards to work out who they were or what was discussed.  And those that we followed up once the cold light of day had dawned turned out to be far less promising than first appeared.  It seems attendees get the CES bug where everything is possible and commercial reality becomes suspended for 4 days!  

The not so good about CES

What we don't like about CES?  The time and expense it takes to attend.  That for us was the deciding factor in not going this year.  The last few months of 2015 have seen us incredibly busy ramping up production of Pacif-i, shipping pre-orders and fixing issues.  To us, and I wouldn't say this is typical rather surprisingly, it is far more important to us to ship product than attend CES.  CES for show, ship for dough.

But we will be back at CES in 2017 - see you there!

However our love for CES will see us back at CES 2017 and we have some new innovations in the pipelines that should have just as much impact as Pacif-i did last time.  We are looking forward to it!